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I recently had the need to rename a series of sequential files and add leading zeros to the number sequence within the filename.  i.e. I had files:


and I wanted to rename them to:


so they would be in lexical order and easier to read a directory listing of the files.

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While working on I noticed that Google Chrome is rendering text differently than other browsers.  I am running on a MacBook Pro with the following browsers and versions:  Chrome 11.0.696.71, Safari 5.0.5, and Firefox 4.0.1.  You can clearly see in the screenshot below that the text is much weaker looking in the Chrome version of the webpage:

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I couldn’t get the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet to work as advertised.  A quick google search turned up a fix for the problem.  All you need to do is replace




in the javascript.


Blog Mum’s site details it:  How to fix “Press This” 404 errors | Blog Mum | WordPress made easy.

Here is a simple python logging utility that I made to help log cron and anacron jobs but it can be used with any command. The script simply prefaces the stdout and stderr of the command with a date and time stamp. This is very useful if you have, say, an rsync cron job that runs every day or week. It’s very similar to what the system log looks like but you don’t have to muck with the complicated syslogd.

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This is my first post to the internet void and I hope you find the future content on this blog useful and informative.  I’ve written up some information about this website on the About page which should give you an idea of why I created it.

As this is my first time trying to run and maintain a website, I hope to write and post about solutions to problems and issues I run into being a webmaster.  I also hope to write about other problems and solutions spanning numerous topics and repost other useful information I find on the web.

So be sure to check back often for new posts and on the trials and tribulations of running a website.  I think I will find in the coming months that the most difficult part of running a website and blog is the content…  Content is the key.