I first had the idea to make this website about 10 years ago (circa 2001) when, out of frustration, I could not find the information I was looking for online.  I tried multiple Google searches with every possible word combination and spelling but I still came up empty.  It seemed that the information I was seeking was not anywhere online and that there was a large glaring gap, a void if you will, in the world wide web.  This is where the idea for the internet void came about…

I hoped to create a webpage where I could easily and quickly post random and hard to find information with the goal being that future searches would be able to find it.  This would:

  1. help the general internet populous by filling in the gaps of missing information and possibly help somebody with the same problem or question.
  2. serve as a repository for my brain, so I’d never have to solve the same problem twice.  and,
  3. increase traffic to my then nonexistent website!

Back then, in 2001, I attempted to make a website and maintain it but it was a losing battle as it was too much of a hassle (or maybe I was too lazy) to hand-edit HTML and upload it via FTP to my web host.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was looking to do was have a blog with a content management system.  Blogs were still in their infancy in 2001 and WordPress and Blogger didn’t exist yet.

Fast forward to 2011…  I finally learned how to use WordPress and decided to resurrect my idea for the internet void.  I found that the domain name intvoid.com was available so I bought it and started this website.  My hope is to use intvoid to post tech tips, tricks, and other insightful information that will be useful to me and hopefully others.  The topics I’ll post on here will be far ranging and will include:  photography, computers, tech, electronics, guitars, programming, linux, mac, hobbies, etc.  I’ll even have the occasional random thought or useless bit of information that I’ve had a hard time finding with a google search.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I can be contact here.